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Copper Star Miniature Donkeys 
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Going Against The Grain Since 2005
Note: Most Recent Foals Are On The Bottom
Copper Star's Mischievous Heiress AKA "Missy"
Named After Paris Hilton
D.O.B: September 21, 2010  
Height: TBD Should be around 32" 
Color: Black with light points & Blue dilute eyes! Bay pattern
Dam: TCF's Ellie May - Red Brown
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp
Bought by: The Polin Family (Barnesville, MD)

Copper Star's Black Friday Cash aka "Cash"
Named after Black Friday
D.O.B. November 24, 2010 @ 1:00
Height: TBD Should be around 21" 
Color: Brown (Bay pattern), white nose  Blue Dilute Eyes
Dam: Bar 3S Cindy Sue - Brown dun with light points 
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp
Cash is quite the trooper. He was born on a morning when the temperature was way below freezing. He lost the tips of his ears. But as you can see as a big boy he is amazing. Great conformation all of the way. Totally square and small. What a cutie and boy does this one love his Momma!
Bought By: Erin Wicks, Harrisburg, PA

Copper Star's Elizabeth Taylor "Velvet"
Named after Elizabeth Taylor
D.O.B. March 24, 2011 @ 3:00-4:00
Height: TBD Should be around 30-31" 
Color: Jet Black No Cross (Not a white hair on this girl!) with Blue dilute eyes!
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Whoopsie Daisy - Dark Chocolate nlp
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp
As child I loved to watch old movies. With the passing of Actress Elizabeth Taylor this past week I felt nostalgic as I remembered her famous movies such as: Taming of the Shrew, Cleopatra, and National Velvet. Elizabeth Taylor was also a gracious humanitarian, and a philanthropist. 
This little jennet was born the day that I heard of Ms. Taylor's passing. So I am humbly naming this little black jennet after the famous actress with the jet black hair and gorgeous lilac eyes. I hope that this jennet will be as spectacular as Elizabeth Taylor was in Hollywood and in Life!
Staying at Copper Star Farm to become a future brood jennet

Copper Star's Prodigal Prayer
Named after Dierks Bentley song
D.O.B. April 2, 2011 @ 4:00-5:00
Height: TBD Should be around 32" 
Color: Foal Coat went from steel grey to brown nlp during summer Blue Dilute Eyes
Dam: GM Conrad's Denali - Brown wlp
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp
If Angels were ever watching over me, they were yesterday. I took a long nap on Saturday after having a very full week. I overslept about one hour. I made my way to the barn and opened the door. Denali was standing there. On the stall floor was a baby trapped in it's birthing bag suffocating. Just born minutes before I got there. I ran as fast as I could to the other side of the barn. Opened up the stall.. grabbed the bag with my gloves and it was so tough it would not rip. So, I threw off my gloves and ripped open the bag with my hands and nails. Pulled the baby out of the bag. Held it up so fluid would come out of it's nose and mouth. He started to breathe and Denali jumped in to help me clean him up and to stimulate his little body. 
I am so pleased to say that today he is doing well, up and nursing. Quite the stunning boy with his steel grey coat, nlp markings, and white inside of his ears. 
Yesterday was amazing, scary, and just one of those days where you know that there is something else out there looking over us. I would like to honor the angel that was looking over my shoulder yesterday with a Prayer. 
Bought by: Mary and Steve Bobolis in Emmitsburg, Maryland

Copper Star's Trojan Warrior  "Trojan"
Named after the book The Odyssey
D.O.B. June 6, 2011 @ 3:00-3:30
Height: TBD Should mature around 31-32"
Color: Black and white spot Blue Dilute Eyes

Dam: KZ's Homer's Penelope - Fully frosted white - black skin spots 33"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp 30"
Well.. I waited... and waited... I should have called him vigilance..... 
Checked the moon signs.. new moon coming.. a sliver was left....I knew we had 24 hours. 
This is our fourth boy here at Copper Star Farm and boy is he fantastic.  
Boy does he love to run and he has an outstanding personality!!!!! Sweet as they come.. Loving and just fun to watch! 
His pedigree is amazing and I say that without any hesitation. From Penelope's (Dam) side of his pedigree you have a older bloodlines with unique colors such as fully frosted white and black roan mixed with the most renown black and white herd sire "Homer". On the other side you have many famous donkey farm names such as "PMF and Bandito". These donkeys have been bred over the years for their award winning correct conformation and flashy black coloring.  This is a special jack who will throw amazing color.  This little "Trojan Warrior" is staying here at CSF to be our future black and white herdsire. I can't wait to see what color he throws!
I was very sad to hear of the loss of Penelope's dam (Indian Tree Farm's Snow Bunny) this winter. 
That makes this jack even more genetically special to the world of donkeys.  
A thanks to Kim Zellers for selling me Penelope all those years ago when I was getting started in donkeys. 
Staying here at Copper Star Farm as our new Black and White Herd Sire. Update sold to Georgia! 

Copper Star's Blushing Bombshell
"Norma Jean" Named after Marylin Monroe
D.O.B. December 2, 2011
Birth Height:  20.5"
Color: True Jet Black NLP with Blue Dilute Eyes
Dam: Sweet Ass Blushing Bunny 
Rose Dun with light points
Pedigree Includes: Sunset Acres Ace of Spades, Rhone's Little Brown Satchel, Circle C Motown, SS Red Lightening, McLendon's 45 Magnum, Black Licorice of Soderglen, Wee Friends Farm Sugar Baby, Sunset Acres Precious Star, X'treme Circle C, Perfection's Cherie, Perfection's Xtreme Blushes
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp 30" 

Bought By: The Polin Family, Barnesville, MD

This little girl is what our Copper Star Farm breeding program is all about! Outstanding!
Copper Star's Etta James Blues
​Named after the famous blues singer Etta James
D.O.B: 5/16/13
Birth Height: 22"
Color: Black nlp (no star or cross) Blue eye dilute gene
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke 30" Black nlp with star
Dam: KMAF Denli's Black Twizzler, 33" Black (no cross) with intermittent light points

I heard Etta James sing "At Last" at my cousin Ashley and Drew's wedding years ago and I was taken by her beautiful voice. I love her music, it is so soulful. Her voice gives me goosebumps! I name all of my girls after famous women. 

Etta is living with Maye Maye at the Rouse's near York. She will be getting lots of love and hugs!

Copper Star Farm's MGFetrinelli Editore
Named after the smuggler of Dr. Zhivago out of the USSR 
D.O.B.: 5/14/13
Birth Height: 22"
Color: Sorrel and White Spot? Blue eyes!
Sire: Dr. Shivago, black and white wooly, 32 1/2"
Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, red and white spotted, 33.75"
This foal is going to be spectacular!!! Raven's last foal is winning in the show ring for Hill Country Miniature Donkeys. 
From Wikipeda........
Near the end of 1954, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli established a publishing company, Feltrinelli Editore. The first published book from the Milan publishing house was the autobiography of the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. In the late 1950s Feltrinelli accidentally came across the manuscript of the novel Doctor Zhivago by the Russian writer Boris Pasternak. Set in Russia, the novel follows a multitude of characters from 1903 to 1943, the period of revolution, bloody civil war, Leninism and Stalinism. At once, Feltrinelli saw a masterpiece. The PCI leaders were reluctant to be seen to condone criticism of the Soviet Union.
Senior Service records the fascinating correspondence between Feltrinelli and Pasternak, as they successfully resisted clumsy attempts by the Soviet regime to halt publication of the novel. However, Doctor Zhivago immediately became an international best seller.

Feltrinelli will be staying here as our red & white wooly herdsire. 

Copper Star's Fandangled Sky "Fanny"
Named after Emmy Lou Harris and Miranda Lambert.
D.O.B.: 5/3/13
Color: Black with cross / nlp / with star Blue eye dilute gene
Birth Height:21"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke 30" Black nlp with star
Dam: CSF's Whoopsie Daisy
Black with cross nlp, 30 1/4"
Grand Sire: Donkette Korrals Blackout, black
Grand Dam: Bar 3S Cindy Sue, grey dun

This cutie was born straight as an arrow. Great legs and structure. Show quality all the way. Dilute blue eyes like every Holy Smoke baby. She is already Ms. Personality! Loves people and visitors. She even gives kisses and super affectionate! Just wants to stand by you. 
Years ago after hearing Miranda Lamberts lyrics, "I'll be ridin' high in a fandangled sky..." from the song Easy From Now On...I knew that would be one of Daisy's girls names. Everyone is falling in love with Fanny!

Fanny has gone to be a brood jennet at Amore's Miniature Donkeys in Upstate, NY. Unfortunately Fanny was sold to someone as a pet without me knowing. 
Copper Star's Black Label Whisky  
 "Whisky" (Irish Whisky is spelled without an E.) 
Named after Jack Daniels.. my Grandpa's favorite.
D.O.B. 11/20/11
Birth Height: 21" (He was born 6 weeks late. So I am not truly sure of what his final height will be.) Twizzler was HUGE! I was a bit worried about delivery since he was her first foal. 
Color: Jet Black with Blue Dilute Eyes (white hair only inside of ears)
Dam: KMAF Denali's Black Twizzler - Black wlp 33"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp 30"
Pedigree Includes: Lots of blacks and great donkeys! PMF King Coal, Splendor's Black Flash, PMF's Bo Jackson, Fishers' Gideon's Beau, Coffman's Danny De Valintino, Valintino 50 and Circle C Little Motown
Whisky has a great, fun personality. He is just so sweet and he looks after Norma Jean like a great big brother. 
Update: We sadly lost Whisky this past spring. He broke his leg in the field. Cara and Pam were devastated. Texas has gone to fill some big shoes at their farm in Great Falls, VA and to keep Spring/Brandy company.  

Copper Star Farm's Mischevious Maye West "Maye Maye" 
Named after the infamous Maye West
D.O.B 5/16/12
Birth Height: 21" 
Color: deep chocolate brown with intermittent tan light points Blue dilute eyes
Dam: TCF's Ellie May (Mischevious line) - Red Brown light points 32"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp 30"
Out of all of this years foals May has stolen my heart. She has the best personallity of  
the bunch. She is so loving to me and her momma. She just loves to be loved! 
Her markings are interesting as they are intermittent and tan, not white. The light points may change as she gets older. With as much red as her momma has in her coat I can't wait to see what she looks like when she gets older. I still love the range of brown jennets we have here.. they are so beautiful from light dun-brown to almost black. When they shed out in the summer they are striking!
Maye Maye will be spending her days with Etta being adored and spoiled by the Rouse Clan here in PA! 

Copper Star Jade's Cooling Spring "Spring"
Named after Cooling Springs Farm in Adamstown, MD
D.O.B. 5/11/12
Birth Height: 19"  
Color:Steel grey NLP with cross/leg garters and CSF's signature Blue dilute eyes 
Dam: Lucky J's Jade O' My Heart - Grey nlp 30"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp 30"

This week was crazy. I had a training to lead, an Art Show to put up with my students, an AP Photography Test to administer, and my new farm was to have closing on Thursday. It was a good thing that they moved the closing on the farm to Friday. I went to the barn after work yesterday and this little one was licking her lips and already standing, all poofed out in her new coat. Jade had already guided her to the barn and had her protected from the other brood jennets. She even chased our beloved Corona "cat" out of the barn. 
This little girl is the spitting image of her mom. So shiny silver! This is Jade's first baby and wow.. a girl!

Spring aka "Brandy" is now living it up with Texas at Pam and Cara's riding program in Great Falls, VA. 
Before you look at these two really special babies I wanted to let you know that the Dam's of these two babies came from Bar3S in Texas. Both jennets are out of Bar3S Tater Tot (red 30"). Marcie sold them to me through Hickory Hill Donkey Farm (Joann and Harvey Jordan) in 2005. Bunny and Cindy are half sisters and they arrived from Texas to Maryland to be my foundation brood jennets. I never got to meet Marcie but through the years Joann kept me posted on what was going on in Texas. Marcie Smalley passed away a few weeks ago due to cancer. She will be greatly missed by the miniature donkey community. Joann and I both have named jennets after Marcie to continue her great miniature donkey breeding legacy. 
The most amazing thing happened this past week. Both Bunny and Cindy (once again "half sisters and best friends") had their babies on the same day, this past Friday. It was really special and in many ways it has given me goosebumps more than once when I am at the barn. 

Copper Star Bar3STexasTribute "Texas"
Named after the Bar3S breeding program in Texas
D.O.B.: 5/12/12
Birth Height: 20"
Color: Black nlp with a large star, Signature dilute blue eyes
Dam: Bar 3S Lil Bunny 31" (see jennet page or info!)
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke- Black nlp with a star 30"
This little guy is the spitting image of his poppa, Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke. And ironically enough I get the best and darkest blacks out of my grey dun girls. Bunny hit a home run with this little guy. What a great personality in an amazing package. This guy is going to make someone an amazing herdsire. I am proud to say that all of my boys so far have been herdsire quality but this guy takes the cake. He will be top notch. We have TEXAS bloodlines on the top and bottom of this boys pedigree. Red's, black's and he should mature to that token small stature for a breeding jack. 
Here we call him, "TEXAS, Watch YOUR BUTT!" He loves to goose ya!

He is loving it with Pam, Cara, and Brandy in VA!!! Run boy, Run!!! 

Copper Star Marcia's Legacy "Marcie"
Named after Marcia Smalley and her Bar3S breeding program. 

D.O.B: 5/15/12
Birth Height: 20"
Color: Smokey Black with cross nlp, Signature blue eyes
Dam: Bar3S Cindy Sue - Brown Dun 32"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke - Black nlp with a star 30"
See Marcie's Legacy below taking quick nap inbetween jumping around and nursing. 
This girl has show quality legs!! Marcie is quickly becoming a stand out. Her structure is amazing. When she stands and runs you can see that she will be a winner in the show ring in the future. She will mature to be a show quality jennet. 

Marcie was the only jennet retained from the 2012 breeding. She is staying here. 

Copper Star's Maleficent Dawn"Mali" 
Named after the witch Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty
D.O.B. 5/20/12
Birth Height: TBA Est. 33"
Color: JET Black nlp with lots of roaning on her nose, Signature Blue Dilute Eyes, HUGE White Star 
Dam: Conrad's Stock Farm Breaking Dawn, Black nlp 35"
Grand Sire: GM Conrad's Black Ink, Black 32"
Great Grand Sire: GM Conrad's Ink Spots, Black and White Spotted 34"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke, Black nlp with star 30"

Mali came to us the day before we had a series of rain storms. I don't think that she has been 100% dry since she was born. She is a beautiful deep black, blue eyed beauty. She has a very large star on her forehead from her Poppa. 
If Mali is spitfire and brimstone. She is totally wild and jet black! 

I am very proud to say that Mali is right up the road at Cedar View Miniature Donkeys as one of their premier jennets! Thanks Mary Ebersol!!! 
Copper Star's Terracotta Warrior
Copper Star Farm's Qin Terracotta Warrior
Color: Pink (very light red) with blaze
Date of Birth: August 23, 2013
Eyes: BLUE Eye Dilute
Height Estimate: Staying super small 
Dam: Asspirin Acres China Star, red with light points
Sire: Stoney Acres Pompeii, red with light points

This little guy looks like a miniature horse colt. He is so well put together and has one of the best conformations as far as foals go, that I have ever seen. He has a dished face with beautiful eyes and he is SPUNKY!!! 

I renamed him after Spartan Warrior was born to really reflect what little warriors we are having here at CSF. We rarely have boys... and two in a row is going to be fun. 

I will be keeping this guy to put in jack rotation for the future. He may be for sale at a later date after he matures and is proven. For now he is going to simmer out in the field with his momma..........
Sold as a pet. He had an overbite. He went to a really good local home. 

Copper Star's Spartan Warrior
Copper Star Farm's Spartan Warrior
Color: Black Roan with light points/ No Cross
Date of Birth: September 1, 2013
Height Estimate: Should be 30.5-31.5" at maturity
Eyes: Blue Eye dilute
Dam: KZ's Homer's Penelope, fully frosted white 33"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke, black nlp 30"
Grand Dams: Indian Tree Farm's Bunny & Short Assetts Jazzybelle
Grand Sires: Homer & Smokey Star

She did it all by herself out in the field a week early. We were away in WV with family at a funeral. I am always so proud of the boys that Penelope produces. His full brother, Trojan Warrior 30 1/4" is staying here as one of my best jacks. If you are producing black donkeys and want a really neat herd sire this guy has really cool genetics and he will have the ability to produce many fancy color foals such as: black roan, black nlp, fully frosted white, black and white spot. He should also carry the blue eye dilute gene from his daddy and grand-daddy. 
I can't wait until he really fills out so I can assess him better. After that starts happening I may decide to keep him until he matures and his price will go up. He is a really sweet guy! A heart of gold.
Retained as our premier black roan herd sire. 

Copper Star's Polar Vortex 
Color: Black& White Spot 
Date of Birth: 2013 Fall 
Dam: Lucky J's Jade O' My Heart 
Sire: Copper Star Farm Trojan Warrior         Sold To Mr. Ruben Bajaja of Virginia 

Copper Star's Moonshiner 
Color: Dark Brown 
Date of Birth: 2013 
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Lillie Langtry (Standard Jennet)
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock  Sold to Aric Rosenbach in St. Mary's, Maryland 

Copper Star's Pendragon 
Color: Black nlp with white star
Date of Birth: 2014 Spring 
Dam: Copper Star Farm Elizabeth Taylor 
Sire: Copper Star Farm Trojan Warrior 
Standing Stud in Hagerstown, MD for Grandon

Copper Star's Cherry Valance 
Color: Black nlp with white star
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer
Dam: TCF's Ellie May 
Sire: Copper Star Farm Trojan Warrior 
​Sold to NY! 

Copper Star's Margaret O' Hara 
Color: Dark Red Semi-Wooly 
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer 
Dam: MGF Venus White Raven
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock 
Retained as one of our future brood jennets. 

Copper Star's Queen Mab
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer 
Dam: KZ Asspirations Lunar Eclipse 
Sire: Sheloy's Leyland 
Sold to Aric Rosenbach of St. Mary's Maryland 

Copper Star's Lady Godiva 
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer 
Dam: KMAF's Denali's Black Twizzler 
Sire: Sheloy's Leyland 
Sold to Aric Rosenbach of St. Mary's Maryland

Copper Star's Queen Latifah
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer 
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Elizabeth Taylor 
Sire: Sheloy's Leyland 
Retained as a future brood jennet. 

Copper Star's Jenny Wade's Flintlock (Deceased)
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2016 Fall  
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Marcia'e Legacy
Sire: Copper Star Farm Trojan Warrior 

Copper Star's Dorothea Dandridge
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2016 Fall 
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Whoopsie Daisy 
Sire: Copper Star MGFeltrinelli Editore 
Retained as a future brood jennet. She is woolly. 

Copper Star's Jacob Black
Color: Black nlp with star 
Date of Birth: 2014 Summer 
Dam: GM Conrads Breaking Dawn
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock 

Copper Star Farm Hurricane Irma
D.O.B. 9/13/2017
Color: Fully frosted red & white spot jennet 
Sire: Donkette Korral Red Rock, 30 3/4" Dark Red 
Dam: McRobert's Venus White Raven, 33.75" Fully frosted Red & White Spot
Retained: Future brood jennet. 
Copper Star Hurricane Storm Surge 
​Retained: Our future herd sire. 
Color: Black nlp (super tiny)
DOB: 9/12/17
Sire: Copper Star Farm Trojan Warrior 
Dam: Copper Star Farm Marcia's Legacy, Smokey Dark Grey Dun 30" Blue-eye dilute

Grand Dam: Copper Star Farm Bar3S Cindy Sue, 32" Brown-dun (Foundation Jennet)
Grand Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke, Black nlp 30" with star Blue-eye dilute  

Grand Dam: KZ's Asspirations Homer's Penelope, Fully Frosted White 33"
Grand Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke, Black nlp 30" with star Blue-eye dilute 
Copper Star Farm Czar Nicholas Romanoff (Roman) (Woolly)
Date of Birth: 3/23/2017
IMDR&ADMS Registery Available 
Foal Color: Mainly white with small black spots, Blue-eye dilute eyes
Should go woolly. 
​Retained: Driving gelding
Sire: Copper Star Farm MGFeltrinelli, Sorrel & White Spot Woolly Jack, Blue-eye dilute
  Grand Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, Fully Frosted White, 33.75" 
  Grand Sire: MGF Dr. Shivago, Black & White Spot, 32 1/4"
Dam: Copper Star Farm's Driving Mrs. Daisy, Fully frosted white with tyger spots, 33"
Copper Star Farm Sputnik 
Super Built! What a personality and so friendly! 

DOB: 3/26/2017
Color: Black nlp with slight cross / with blue-eye dilute 
Dam: Winding Creek Farm's Black Russian Susan, Black nlp with blue-eye dilute 
Sire: Copper Star Farm MGFeltrinelli Editore, woolly 
Grand Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, 33" Fully frosted white
Grand Sire: MGF Doctor Shivago, 32 1/4" Black & White woolly 
Grand Dam: Winding Creek Farm's Cleopatra, 33" Black
GRAND Sire: Circle C Black Russian, 30" Black 
Foal height: 23"
Sold: Going to Indiana with Bill & Christina
All of the foals here at Copper Star Farm are our main focus. They are the product of several years of finding the best donkeys to breed together. 
First and foremost is conformation and temperament. I then deeply study genetics, pedigree and color. I breed my donkeys for black no light points (nlp) or light points (lp) with the blue-eye dilute gene. I also breed for red&white spot (wooly and short coat), fully frosted white and traditional grey. In the past few years we have started incorporating the woolly gene. But, all babies are special!   

I have added each of my brood jennets with careful consideration to conformation, size, pedigree, personality, soundness and color. Over the past twelve years I have retained many of my jennets. 

As you can probably tell at this point.. I love my donkeys. 

-Best Wishes and Looking forward to "Talking Donkey" with you some time in the near future! 
-Emily Danielle Hoponick & Charles Stoecker 

Copper Star Farm Grand Dutchess Anastasia 
Color: Fully frosted red & white spot (note black spot) with masked spotting factor  
DOB: 4/2/2017
Birth Height: 21"
Dam: KZ's Homer's Penelope: Fully frosted white, 33"
  Grand Dam: Indian Tree Farm's Snow Bunny, 35" Fully Frosted White 
  Grand Sire: MGF Homer, 33" True B&W spot 
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock: Dk Red approx 30 3/4"
  Grand Dam: Hill's Haven Josie -Dark brown and white spotted 32"
  Grand Sire: Donkette Korral's Fireball -Dark Red 31"
Price: Being retained. 

Woke up to find this beauty out in the woods with her mother. Anastasia carries many rare genes from the Indian Tree Farm line that she shares with her half brothers: Trojan & Spartan. She has blue eyes and her foal coat ranges from hues of red to grey to black tipped hairs. She is truly unique. I just love the black spot on her hip. 
She is being retained as a future brood jennet.
Penelope gave me so many boys in a row. 
This is her first girl! 

Copper Star Independence 
Standard Jack Foal 
Color: Brown  
Sire:Donkette Korral's Red Rock, 30 3/4" Dark Red
Dam: Copper Star Carmen Miranda, Standard, Tri Color Spot  

DOB: July 3, 2017
Foal height: ALL LEGS
Our only standard foal this year. Miranda is going to get time off so we will not have another one for awhile. 
Congratulations to Bill & Christina! He is going to be gorgeous when he gets bigger! So glad he will be going with Sputnik!! 
Copper Star China's Dynasty

DOB: 8/20/17
Color: Pink  
Sire: Donkette Korral Red Rock, 30 3/4" Dark Red 
  Grand Sire: Donkette Korral's Fireball, Dark Red, 31"
  Grand Dam: Hill's Haven Josie, Dark Spot, 32"
Dam: Asspirin Acres China Star, Pink 
  Grand Sire: Feather Ridge's Valiant Prince, Light Red, 32 3/4"
  Grand Dam: JC's Exotic China Doll, Light Red
Price: Being Retained as a future brood jennet. 
Copper Star Farm Opie's Gone Fishin (semi- woolly)  
DOB: 5/8/17
Color: Red & White Spotted with blue eyes 
Height: 31.5"
Sire: Copper Star MGFeltrinelli Editore, Red&Brown&White spotted jack woolly 
Dam: Amore's Marmalade Compote (Maiden Jennet), Red & White spotted jennet 
Grand Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, 33" White
Grand Sire: MGF Dr. Shivago, 32 1/4" Black & White Spot 
Grand Sire: Bainbridge's Red Baron, Dk Red
Grand Dam: GM Conrad's Audrey, Grey & White Spot 
Price: SOLD at Greencastle Miniature Horse & Donkey Sale! 
Opie is the friendliest foal we have had this season! 
Copper Star Elizabeth's Black Widow (She has gone Woolly)

Color: Black nlp (BLUE BLACK) So black that it isn't fading in the summer sun. Wow. 
She is so black it is hard to get good detail photos of her. 
DOB: 4/24/2017
Eye: Blue eye dilute 
Sire: Copper Star Farm MGFeltrnelli Editore, Red&Brown&White Spot Woolly 
Dam: Copper Star Farm Elizabeth Taylor, Black nlp 30 1/4" Blue-eye dilute
Grand Dam: Copper Star Farm Whoopsie Daisy 30 1/4"
Grand Sire: Hickory Hill Holy Smoke, Black nlp 30" with star Blue-eye dilute  
Grand Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, Fully frosted white 33"
Grand Sire: MGF Dr. Shivago, Black&White Spot Woolly 32 1/4"
Foal height: TINY!!! 20 1/4"-20.5" It was hard keeping her still. 
Price: Being Retained 

WOW. Super tiny. 4 Generations of Bar3S / Hickory Hill / Copper Star Farm / MGF This is what we have been breeding for! 
This little girl may make history.  

Copper Star Farm EC Cherokee Chief 

Color: Smokey black with cross spotted with blue eyes 
DOB: 5/20/17 
Height: pending 
Sire: Copper Star MGFeltrinelli Editore, Red & Brown & White Spot 
Dam: KMAF Denali's Black Twizzler, Black with light points, 33" 
​Grand Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, Fully frosted white 33"
Grand Sire: MGF Dr. Shivago, Black&White Spot Woolly 32 1/4"
Grand Dam: GM Conrad's Denali, Brown wlp, 33"
GRAND Sire: Splendor's Black Flash, True Black, 32
Twizzler is sweet, hilarious, and just downright awesome. If you like performance style donkeys she is the ticket. Can't wait for another beautiful foal! She has give us a black jennet & jack in the past. 
Sold to Raul from Circo Hermanos Vazquez