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 Ohio Girl: GM Conrad's Denali

Denali is the "Queen of the Herd" as the oldest jennet in the herd. 
She was the best impromptu decision I have made for my herd.  She watched out for everyone even at her own expense. 

 She is the boss and she runs the herd! She is LOUD!

Copper Star Miniature Donkeys 
Adamstown, Maryland

Going Against The Grain Since 2005
Denali's Pedigree
GM Conrad's Denali  D.O.B.: June 1, 2001 Height:33"  Brown wlp
Dam: D&A's Monica  Gray-dun  
Sire: D&A's Rambo  Brown

Grand Sires: Fisher's Gideon's Beau, Fisher's Tiny Tim, Valintino 50, Man-O-War of M&M, Coffman's Danny De Valintino

Grand Dams: Fisher's Wedding, Philamena 67,37,31, Fisher's Sweet Isabel

Denali's and Twizzler's Ancestors 
A Visual History
Denali and Baby Twizzler 2007