See our donkeys at the Adamstown Community Church Live Nativity on December 20th from 6:00-8:00. 
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Copper Star Farm Miniature 
& Standard Donkeys LLC.
Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Going Against The Grain Since 2005

Welcome to Copper Star Miniature Donkeys
The miniature & standard donkeys are raised by Emily Hoponick. Copper Star Farm's vision is to breed donkeys with correct conformation, various colors, sweet personalities, and a high pedigree. The Copper Star herd has moved and is now located in scenic Fairfield, PA. You will not find a herd of such quality, conformation, and pedigree in the tri-state area.               

We specialize in donkeys with:
~Solid colors with impeccable conformation & high pedigree.

~Black nlp/lp donkeys with blue eye dilute gene.

~Red&White spot / Fully Frosted White / Red breeding program.

~We have started our woolly breeding program since our winters are harsh on the mountain.

~We have exotic colors such as blue-black/fully frosted red/blue roan, tri-color spot & IVORY.  

We are now located at the new farm in Fairfield, 
PA right over the Emmitsburg, MD border. 

We do "pasture breed" our donkeys. 


If you would like to come visit and to see our outstanding stock please contact or give me a call at 301-452-1251.

Shipping Available on TRIPS FOR 2022 
March: Wooster, Ohio, Mt. Hope Exotic Sale 
April: Rochester, NY 
August: Iowa, The Great American Donkey Sale

~Stud fees for 2023 will be posted in March
~Foals will arrive in April, there is not waiting list.
~WE will not only have several ADMS registered miniature donkey foals available but we will also have for the first time several (4-5) ADMS pedigree standard donkey foals available!

When you buy a Copper Star Farm miniature donkey... You are looking at 15 years of experience breeding miniature donkeys. I am proud to give you the best donkey / foal possible from my breeding program of selected donkeys. You get a halter & lead, registration with a microchip, a fresh trim, worming, antibodies up to 6 months due to the jennet being vaccinated. I also include in your folder any extra info and paperwork. You also get 24 hours customer service (Me) until you feel comfortable to be on your own. But, I am always here if you need help, mentoring. 

***Thank you to all of our buyers in 2022! Lots of new donkey people starting out their journey. It has been exciting to mentor new owners! 
****We wish you joy with your donkeys this year! 
        Thank you, Emily D. Hoponick 
 Proud MD/PA miniature pedigree donkey breeder