Raven is like owning a Super Star.
Her pedigree is sought after by many farms and those that own any donkeys from this line will attest to their conformation and interesting color. Raven has this gorgeous red blanket over her back when she sheds out in the summer. It is so subtle, little coppery red hairs. 
When she arrived from Nebraska I thought to myself that Raven probably asked herself, "Where in the hell am I?" She went from the vast planes of Nebraska to the side of a mountain with a very narrow valley. She has settled in but she still does not have a best friend. Although, she can be seen grazing with China or just by herself. 

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Copper Star Miniature Donkeys 
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Going Against The Grain Since 2005
Bar 3S Cindy Sue "Cindy" 
from the famed Bar3S breeding program in Texas
Height: 32" 
Color: Dark Gray/Brown-wlp 
DOB: June 16, 2005

Out briefly with $20Jackson 6/21-6/25. 
Exposed to Vito Fall 2021

Dam: Gardner's Tempest D.    Gray-Dun   33 1/4"
Sire: Bar 3S Red Tater Tot       Red  30"

We Proudly Introduce Our Mature Miniature Jennets

Dam: Bar 3S Cindy Sue Brown-Dun 32"
Sire: Donkette Korral's Black Out Black NLP 
32 3/4"

Copper Star Farm's Whoopsie Daisy Bar3S Line
Height: 30 1/4"
Color: Black with cross with no light points
D.O.B: July 6, 2008
(Pictured with Twizzler

Winding Creeks Black Russian  Susan
"Sweet Heart"
Height: 33" 
Color: Black NLP No Cross 
D.O.B: 5/11/10


Dam: Winding Creek Farm's Cleopatra 
True Black  33"
Sire: Circle C Black Russian, True Black 30"
KZ'sJitter&Pio's LindyHop18
Height: 30"
Color: Dark Spotted
D.O.B: 8/28/18

Just being a kid...

​Pasture bred to $20Jackson for 2022 foal. 
Exposed to Vito Fall 2021

Dam: KZ's Jitters, Brown wlp 
Sire: LN Pio B Glow, B&W Spot 

Copper Star Farm's Elizabeth Taylor 
"Velvet" Bar3S line
Height: 30.5""" 
Color: True Black nlp no cross
D.O.B. 3/24/11

Dam: Copper Star Farm's Whoopsie Daisy dark chocolate nlp 30 1/4"
Sire: Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke Black nlp with star 30"
Copper Star Farm's Venus Queen Latifah
Height: 27"
Color: True Black wlp
DOB: 7/29/2015

Copper Star Farm
Fairfield, PA 
Emily Hoponick
Copper Star Farm's Maureen O'Hara
Color: Dark Red
Woolly carrier
DOB: 6/24/2015

Copper Star Farm
Fairfield, PA 
Emily Hoponick

Dam: Copper Star Farm's Elizabeth Taylor, Black nlp with blue eye dilute 
Sire: Sheloy's Leyland, black wlp, 30 1/4"
Dam: MGF Venus White Raven, red & white spot, 33.75"
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock, dark red, 30 3/4"
KMAF's Denali's Twizzler "Twizzy"
Height 33" 
Color: Black with intermittent light points, no cross when she sheds out in the spring
D.O.B: June 13, 2007 

Dam: GM Conrad's Denali  brown wlp  33"
Sire: Splendor's Black Flash  true black  33"
KZ's Homer's Penelope
"P.P." "Pretty Princess"
Height: 33"
Color: Fully Frosted White with Black Spots on Skin
D.O.B: September 7, 2008


Dam: Indian Tree Farm's Snow Bunny 35" Fully Frosted White 
Sire: MGF HOMER  33" True Black and White Spotted

Copper Star Farm's Black Widow 2017
Height: 28.5"
Color: True Blue Black nlp 
Blue eye dilute 
DOB: 4/24/17

Had a spotted jennet foal July 2020. 

Dam: Copper Star Farm's Elizabeth Taylor. Black nlp with blue-eye dilute 30 1/4" 
Sire: Copper Star Farm MGFeltrinelli Editore, Red & White Spotted Woolly
Copper Star Farm Grand Dutchess Anastasia 
Height: 31"
Color: Fully Frosted Red with black spots & masked spotting factor, blue-eye dilute 
Black spots are a genetic mutation. 
DOB: 4/2/2017

Pasture Bred to $20Jackson for 2022 foal
Exposed to Vito, Fall 2021

Dam: KZ's Homer's Penelope: Fully frosted white, 33"
Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock: Dk Red approx 30 3/4"
Copper Star's Hurricane Irma
Color: Fully Frosted Red&White Spot 
D.O.B. 9/13/2017

Copper Star Farm
Fairfield, Pa

Sire: Donkette Korral's Red Rock 30 3/4", Red
Dam: McRobert's Venus White Raven, 33.75" Fully Frosted Red&White Spot 
Dam: Asspirin Acres China Star, 33 1/4"
Sire: Donkette Korral Red Rock, 30 3/4", Dark Red 
Copper Star Farm's Lucy's Hollywood Star 

Height: 30.5"
Color: Red 
Born here at Copper Star Farm, Fairfield, PA 

Dam: TK's Mountain Ridge Elbertta, Ivory BEW
Sire: Furball Acres Boulder, White*BEW
Kinney's Mini's & Poultry Eve 
Height: 28"
Color: Ivory
Woolly Jennet

DOB: 2019
​Breeder Kinney's Mini's and Poultry, Ohio 
Sire: Donkette Korral Cegar, 29", Dark Brown & White Spotted 
Dam: Bainbridge's Apple Pie, 33.5" Brown/Grey-Dun Woolly 
Bainbridges Ella Bella Apple Pie
Height: 28.5" immature
Super Woolly 
Color: Dark Grey Dun 
D.O.B: 8/10/2019

Just being a kid...

Pasture bred to $20Jackson 2021. 
Exposed to Vito Fall 2021. 
MGF Red Siren 251
Height: 34"
Color: Red 

​Breeder McRobert's Game Farm, Nebraska 
Thank you Kim Zellers!


Dam: MGF Venus Fyrina 55, 33" Dark Red 
Sire: MGF Little Pink Harry 30.5" Grey & White Spotted 
Dam: Bar3S Cindy Sue, 32", Brown Dun 
Sire: Copper Star Farm MGFeltrinelli Editore, 31.5" Tri-Color Spotted Woolly
Copper Star Farm's Venice "Sassy"
Height: TBD
Color: Brown & White Spotted 
DOB: 10/8/2020
*Immature Foal Coat

Copper Star Farm
Fairfield, PA 

Pasture bred to $20Jackson 6/21/2021
Exposed to Vito Fall 2021. 

Kinney's Mini's & Poultry Morgane
Height: immature
Color: Ivory Jennet

DOB: 2020
​Breeder Kinney's Mini's and Poultry, Ohio 

Just being a kid.
Copper Star Farm Wilma
Color: Dark Grey

DOB: tbd
​Lineage: Grade 

Pasture bred to MGFeltrinelli Editore, 5/30/2021.
Exposed Summer 2021 $20 Jackson
Exposed Fall 2021 Vito 
Copper Star Farm Pebbles
Color: Light Grey

DOB: tbd
​Lineage: Grade 

Pasture bred to Ravager's Yondu 6/21/ 2021. 
Exposed $20 Jackson Late Summer 2021
Exposed Vito Fall 2021
Pictures coming soon. 
Copper Star Farm's Calypso 22
Height: TBD
Color: Traditional Grey

Copper Star Farm
Fairfield, PA 
Emily Hoponick
Dam: S&L's Isabelle (registered), Red-Grey Dun, 33"
Sire: Shallum Acres Gus (registered) grey & white spotted 

S&L's Isabelle
Color: Red-Grey Dun
Height: 33"
D.O.B: June 20, 2012
Bred to "Shallum Acres Gus" spotted jack for a 2022 foal. 

Foaled a jennet foal in March/22, Calypso!

Dam: Lil'Hoofs Blossom's Imagene, 31" Grey Dun
Sire: Merry Go Round's Firebug, 31.25" Dark Red 

Kinney's Mini's & Poultry Lorelei
Height: immature
Color: Grey/Brown -Dun 

DOB: 2021
​Breeder Kinney's Mini's and Poultry, Ohio ​
KZ's Hurricane Ida 21
Color: Red & White Spotted - Woolly  
DOB: 9/2021
Height: immature 
Copper Star Emily's Revenge 
Height: immature
Color: Black Roan 
DOB: 9/2021

Dam: KMP Lulu, 33", Brown-dun
Sire: Furball Acres Boulder, White*BEW
Dam: KMP Lulu, 33", Brown dun 
Sire: Furball Acres Boulder, 33" White*BEW
Dam: TCF Black Russian Susan "Sweetheart", 33" Black nlp
Sire: Copper Star Spartan Warrior, Black Roan
Dam: MGF Red Siren, 34" Dark Red 
Sire: MGF Dr. Shivago, Black & White Spotted with Blaze, woolly 
Copper Star Farm Irma's Lonesome Dove "Stuffy"

Color: Frosted Spotted White 
DOB: 11/21/21
Height: will be a micro  
MGF Xanadu 699
Color: Black 
DOB: 06/20/2002
Height: 34"
Breeder: McRobert's Game Farm, Nebraska

Ass-pirin Acres Jackie "Skyla"

Color: Red
DOB: 6/01/2006
Height: tbd 
Breeder: Ass-pirin Acres, Vermont 
Dam:MGF Venus Zwilla 504 10/10/95 34" blk
Sire:MGF Homer 8/3/98 33.25" blk & wht spotted
Dam: Copper Star Farm Hurricane Irma, Red & White Spot, micro 
Sire: Copper Star Farm $20Andrew Jackson, Red & WHite Spot, 27.5" 
Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Pumpkin, Grey-Dun, 33 1/8" 
Sire: Arbor Ledge Little Red, Red, 31.5" 
Pasture bred to $20Jackson 6/21/2021
Exposed to Vito Fall 2021.