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Breeding Season Dates
Miniature Donkeys
April 1- Thanksgiving

Standard Donkeys
June 1 - Thanksgiving 

Diamond B Kirk 
Standard Jack 
Size: 47"
Color: Dark brown / grey & black 
Registrations: ACOSA & ADMS 
On Farm Breeding Only / Small to Medium Standards Only
No aggressive jennets - No Mares
He is old but he still has it.. Sam Elliott Style 
Price: $2000.00 on the farm breeding only (9 week cycle)
Sire: Diamond B Chief Ink Spots 47", B&W Spotted 
Dam: Diamond B Kathleen 46", Brown/Black & White Spotted
Copper Star Stradivarius Violin 
Micro Red/Ivory Carrier / Micro Jack / Personality Plus
Size: 29"
Color: Dark red
Registrations: ADMS
Available for off farm breeding 
No aggressive jennets 
(1-10 Get-er Done Scale: 7 / Hilarious but does not do well with difficult jennets) Kevin Hart Deluxe. 
Price: $1500.00 per jennet off the farm (9 week cycle)
Price: $2000.00 on the farm (9 week cycle)
Sire: Cabinwood's Michaelangelo, Ivory, 31"
Dam: Copper Star Maureen O'Hara, Dark Red, 29"
Copper Star Spartan Warrior
Miniature Jack
Forehead star carrier / Roaning /Black no light point
Size: 31" Jack 
Color: Black Roan
Registrations: ADMS
Available for off farm breeding 
Can handle aggressive jennets. Tries to be suave like Joey Tribbiani.
(1-10  Get-er Done Scale: 9 Marks jennets on withers) 
Price: $1200.00 per jennet off the farm (9 week cycle)
Price: $1500 on the farm breeding (9 week cycle)
Sire: Hickory Hill Holy Smoke, Black nlp, 30" / with star
Dam: KZ Homer's Penelope, Fully Frosted White / 33"
Copper Star $20 Jackson 
Micro Jack 
Size: 27.5" Jack 
Color: Red & White spot 
Registrations: ADMS & ACOSA
Jennets 30" or smaller 
(1-10  Get-er Done Scale: 8 Will NOT breed jennets unless they are in heat / Has not marked jennets/ Total Narcissist.)
Price: $2000.00 per jennet (9 week cycle)
On the farm breeding only 
Sire: Copper Star MGFeltrinelli Editore, Tri Color Spot, 31"
Dam: Bar3S Lil Bunny, Traditional Grey Dun, 31" 
Copper Star Jambalaya 
Miniature Jack 
Size: 31"
Color: Tri-color spot 
Registrations: ADMS & ACOSA Pending 
On the farm breeding only 
Jennets 32" or smaller 
(1-10  Get-er Done Scale: 2 Just starting his breeding career. Has not marked jennets. Frankly we are working on his confidence level. Think Urkel... really? Yes.) 
Price: $Heading to Little Ane Farm in Dover, PA for summer 2024
Sire: Top Hat's Paddington, B&W Spot, 34"
Dam: Firethorn Salsa, Dark brown, 32" 
Top Hat's Paddington 
Miniature Woolly Jack 
Size: 34"
Color: B&W Spot
Registrations: ADMS & ACOSA Pending 
Available off the farm breeding to groups of jennets 3-10
Jennets 35" or smaller
(1-10  Get-er Done Scale: 10 No-nonsense breeder. Does not mark up jennets. Breeds spinners & hard to deal with jennets. Mr. Boombastic ... wink wink) 
Price: $600.00 off the farm (9 week cycle)
Price: :$1200 on the farm (9 week cycle)
Sire: Donkette Korral Granite, B&W Spot, 29 3/4" 
Dam: MGF Warm Fuzzy 533, Dark Brown, 33.5"
Our boys for the 2023-2024 breeding season are all listed below.. 

Don't want to keep a jack year round?

Looking to change up your bloodlines?

Have a micro jennet but no micro jack?

Looking for spots, roaning, ivory, forehead stars......... something different?

Give us a call. If my jacks went out as quickly as they did this year you want to reserve them IN ADVANCE! 
If they go off of the farm they will not be available. Their schedule is determined by who calls / contacts me first!