See our donkeys at the Adamstown Community Church Live Nativity on December 20th from 6:00-8:00. 
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Copper Star Miniature Donkeys 
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Going Against The Grain Since 2005

Welcome to Copper Star Miniature Donkeys
The miniature donkeys are raised by 
Emily Hoponick. Copper Star Farm's vision is to breed donkeys with correct conformation, various colors, sweet personalities, and a high pedigree. The Copper Star herd has moved and is now located in senic Fairfield, PA. You will not find a herd of such quality, conformation, and pedigree in the tri-state area.
We specialize in donkeys with:
Black no light points with blue eyes
Black with light points
Dark chocolate with no light points
Fully Frosted White (Wooly) 
Red and White Spotted (Wooly)
Spotted Standards bred to a wooly or spotted jack
Forehead stars and the blue-eye or blue-eye dilute gene are very prevalent in many of our donkeys. 

We are now located at the new farm in Faifield, PA right over the Emmitsburg, MD border. 

We have bred all of our jennets for the upcoming 2015 spring/ summer/ fall foaling season
Bar 3S Cindy Sue (traditional dun) x Trojan Warrior ​
Copper Star's Whoopsie Daisy (Dark chocolate nlp with star) x Trojan Warrior
Sweet Ass Blushing Bunny (traditional rose dun) x Trojan Warrior
TCF's Ellie May (traditional red-brown) x Trojan Warrior 
Winding Creek Farm's Black Russian Susan "Sweetheart" (black nlp w-blue eye dilute) x Trojan Warrior

MGF White Raven (Fully frosted red and white spot) x Donkette Korral's Red Rock
Assphalt Acres China Doll (Pink) x Donkette Korral's Red Rock
* Standard Copper Star Farm's Rosie the Riveter x Donkette Korral's Red Rock

The remaining girls were pasture bred throught the spring and summer.
Depending on their heat cycle they could be bred to any of the three jacks.
Early Spring: March/ April / May: Copper Star Farm's MGFeltrinelli Editore "Pig Pen" Wooly Red & White Spot 
Mid Summer: June / July: Sheloy's Leyland
Late Summer Early Fall: August / September / October: Donkette Korral's Red Rock

Copper Star Farm's Elizabeth Taylor - Black nlp, blue eye dilute
Copper Star Farm's Marcia's Legacy - Smokey black, blue eye dilute
KZ's Black Abyss - black wlp
KZ's Luna Eclipse - black nlp, blue eye dilute
KZ's Homer's Penelope - Fully frosted white
MGF Fyre & Ice - Red and white spot (Re-exposed to Red November 9, 2014)
Cedar View's Bella - Black nlp, blue eye dilute
GM Conrad's Breaking Dawn - Black nlp with small star
Lucky J's Jade O' My Heart  - Dark grey nlp
KMAF Denali's Black Twizzler - Black wlp
Hickory Hill's Emilee Noel - Black wlp & roaning

If you would like to come visit and to see our outstanding stock please contact or give me a call at 301-452-1251. 

Thank you to all of our buyers in 2014! All of my donkeys have great new homes! 
Cheri - Lily & Mountaineer

The Baja Family - Trojan & Sully

The Rouse Family - Etta May & Maye West

Abby - Terracotta "Red"

I am truly lucky to have found the most wonderful people to buy my donkeys! I hope that 2015 turns out to be as good of a year. I hope to meet new donkey people, reunite with old friends and restore my farm to be "one of the best kept secrets" in donkeys! 
This is a labor of love and I could not do it without the support of my family and friends. - Thank you!